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Select local kirana stores near you, place your order and get it delivered within a few hours. Have the peace of mind that you’re supporting local businesses – Vocal for Local.
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Why us?

We aim

We aim

We aim to enhance the quality of life of our customers by providing them with essential
services in the most convenient way possible.

We support

We support

We help local businesses communicate with their customers thus supporting Vocal for
Local initiative.

We constantly update

We constantly update

To provide an incredible service experience, we are continuously updating ourselves
with modern and emerging technologies.


We provide an E-commerce platform which is a complete online store builder. Merchants can launch their online store with a free mobile app with Bharath Kirana in 10 minutes.

This is a technology SaaS platform helping customers go online instantly. This platform can be used for all the products serving businesses like Grocery, Food & Drugs, Jewellery, Apparels, etc. Read more about us here


Bharath Kirana Technology is to help you start your own website and mobile apps so that your customers can connect with you directly. On Marketplaces, you do not have any control over your listing of products, customers are not directly connected to you and you pay hefty transaction fee for selling on Marketplaces. Whereas Bharath Kirana offers you your own branded shop so that you can control everything.

You need to have following details ready to register on Bharath Kirana:

  • A valid Email ID.
  • Phone number.
  • Name for your store (It can be same as your business name).
  • Logo of your business (If you don’t have one, get it created online).
  • Product Details with Product pictures, which you want to sell online.